toward active citizenship

With YOU*TH toward active citizenship project is a 3 years long collaboration of NESEHNUTÍ, GIC NORA, Czech Women Lobby and The Institute of Sociology of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic. The project is supported by Open Society Fund Prague from the Active Citizens Fund.

The aim of the project is a promotion of gender equality as an inherent part of democratic and equality values. Through strengthening the partnerships with public administration bodies and nongovernmental organizations the systemic change will be achieved and gender equality will be part of the education curricula. An education expert platform will be established so as to promote the gender equality principles in strategic documents. The project will also include a campaign for strengthening active citizenship carried out by young people, and sociological research of young people’s needs and communication strategies in gender in/equality.

Contact person

Eva Colledani | eva@nesehnuti.cz